About Us

Our vision is to curate a collection of stylish accommodation across Poland that offers travellers unique hospitality experience. The idea was born out of personal need to find exceptional places that tick all the right boxes and we now want to share our discoveries with all the like minded, style conscious community.

We love stays that are extraordinary for one reason or another and we like to describe them from a travellers’ perspective. We have our own criteria when selecting perfect accommodation and we love places that are:

Unique to a specific destination and in keeping with the local area and community

Stylish and design conscious but at the same time unstuffy and far from pompous

Dedicated to creating friendly and welcoming atmosphere with plenty of ‘can do’ attitude

Focused on delivering first class culinary experiences with delicious cuisine full of local produce and passion for food

With a wow factor - be it spectacular views, caring owners, amazing dining or cutting edge design

We scoured Poland in search of those little gems that are sometimes so hard to discover but make for unforgettable travel experiences. Check out our collections of boutique hotels, stylish guesthouses, grand manor houses, country retreats and stunning house rentals that will make your stay most memorable for all the right reasons.

Join Eskapista

To enquire about being included in the Eskapista collection please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will require you to provide high quality photos and detailed information about your residence.