Triple up on seaside fun.

Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot form a happy union of Poland’s most important coastal cities. The three siblings well connected by public transport share a variety of quality architecture, history, culture, art, leisure and food.

Gdansk besides its stunning gothic and renaissance buildings is perhaps most recognised as the birthplace of the Solidarity movement led by Lech Walesa who played a major role in bringing down the communist regime in Poland. Sopot with its riviera vibe, stunning pier and famed party spots makes for a brilliant beach holiday, whereas Gdynia serves as a proud art curator hosting major film, design and music festivals in the country.

And if you can’t make your mind up about which city appeals most it is pretty easy to take advantage of all three. Enjoy!

Holland House Residence


Double rooms from 170 zł


ul. Antoniego Abrahama 40, 81-395 Gdynia​, tel​​. +48 58 622 24 94​

Sztuczka is a creative restaurant that stands out from the crowd with its delicious fine dining menu. Familiar ingredients are combined in not so familiar way in what arguably is the best eatery in town.

Aleja Franciszka Mamuszki 22, Sopot, tel. +48 58 551 51 29

For years it has been somewhat of a Sopot's institution with a perfectly cooked fish, secluded beachside location and wonderful atmosphere.

Tłusta Kaczka
ul. Spółdzielcza 2, 81-545 Gdynia, tel. +48 58 580 08 08

A little off the beaten track on the city map but well worth a visit is the restaurant with finest modern Polish dishes. With such imaginative menu the place is most suitable for special occasions.

Targ Rybny 1, 80-838 Gdańsk, tel. +48 58 778 74 42

Mercato is one of those places that pleases the eye as much as the palate. The food is dominated by the flavors of the Pomerania region with local lamb, Baltic fish and seasonally broad beans all on the menu. The dishes are as original as the interior with on-trend and elegant twist to it. Furniture maintained in shades of gray, theatrical lighting and botanical accents nicely enhance the aesthetic experience.

Biały Królik
ul. Folwarczna 2, 81-547 Gdynia, tel. +48 58 351 03 30

Biały Królik came to fame in Gdynia for its sophisticated yet unusual menu and fabulous decor in keeping with the Alice in Wonderland theme. The place is run with plenty of fantasy and aims to showcase modern Polish cuisine that goes way beyond the usual suspects. The restaurant proudly supports local farms, buying natural, fresh and wholesome ingredients from selected producers. Last but not least the service is extremely professional, adding plenty of good spirit to this enjoyable dining experience.

Fedde Bistro
ul. Świętojańska 43, 81-391 Gdynia, tel. +48 577 534 662

Jacek Fedde showcases his original cousine based on fresh products, simple seasonal menu and classic cooking techniques. The menu favours not only the Baltic fish, but also a few local classics such as a duck, beef tartar and a selection of dumplings. The interior is inspired by Gdynia mid century architecture and kept modern and minimalist with plenty of original lighting, tiles and wood.

Rosse Rosse
Baltiq Plaza ul. Świętojańska, Gdynia tel. +48 513 413 795

Rosse Rosse will please anyone's sweet tooth with a selection of best hand-made cakes and patisserie (delivered by Umam) that taste as great as they look. In beautifully arranged interiors, warm pastels of furniture contrast with concrete walls and dramatic lighting, making it into another eye candy.

Zatoka Sztuki
Aleja Franciszka Mamuszki 14, 81-718 Sopot, tel. +48 58 345 30 30

Right by the beach is this arty establishment with trendy interiors and tasty Polish and European classics. As part of the hotel and beach club it is worth swinging by for a nice summer drink by the sea and good people watch.

Bohaterów Monte Cassino 36/2, 81-767 Sopot, tel. +48 512 824 500

Crudo is a steakhouse with a great selection of prime cuts all cooked as requested. With the industrial interior of steel features, concrete walls, tiles and bare wood it undoubtedly is a trendy spot in town.

Monte Cassino 36/5, 81-767 Sopot, tel.+48 506 263 225

Come for an authentic Georgian cuisine and unique flavours of traditional recipes, as well as excellent Georgian wines.

Good Morning Vietnam
ul. Świętojańska 83A, 81-389 Gdynia, tel. +48 58 711 30 30

Authentic Vietnamese food cooked with quality ingrednients, pleasant interior, friendly staff and reasonable prices make for a great dining experience.

ul. Świętojańska 69b, Gdynia, tel. +48 58 352 00 08

Restaurant full of Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian flavours rich in fragrant spices yet using the local seasonal ingredients as a base. The menu features the usual suspects of tagine, mezzes, soups, cousus and hummus alike.


Dwie Zmiany
ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 31, 80-001 Sopot, tel. +48 58 380 21 27

Dwie Zmiany have become Sopot’s ‘institution’ almost from the beginning of its existence a few years ago. Its cool reputation attracts artists and hipsters alike as much for its excellent bar as it does for the art scene. Due to strong ties with city’s cultural life the calendar of events is loaded with excellent music, art fairs and vernissages year round.

ul. Aldony 6, 80-442 Gdańsk

Another iconic place on the map of the Tricity, this time a cafe and bar in the up and coming area of Wrzeszcz (good luck with the pronunciation). Intimate cafe by day and a crafty bar by night it stays on trend with its brews and interior design. A great place for a drink and a close encounter with the artistic world of Gdansk. And if you make your way here, few other places nearby popped up not long ago, check out café Fukafe, Knödel for most delicious pasta and vegetarian Avocado.

ul. Antoniego Abrahama 37, 81-366 Gdynia

Desdemona for many years has been bringing together local fans of independent music. Spread over two levels - one dedicated to coffee and chat, and the other larger gig space and bar concert, both with a great atmosphere, friendly service and above all superb music scene.

ul. Doki 1, 80-980 Gdańsk, tel. +48 515 000 000

B90 is one of Tricity’s leading music venue located in the industrial scenery on the site of the former Gdansk shipyard. This popular hangout hosts live music during concerts and festivals (Soundrive) promoting non-commercial art and independent music artists. (Also look out for summer events on ulica Elektryków.)

Flisak 76
ul. Chlebnicka 9/10, Gdańsk, tel. +48 509 994 854

The family run Flisak has been around for over three generations, once strongly associated with the life of artistic Gdansk, today revived as a nightclub with great grinks and atmosphere


European Solidarity Centre (Europejskie Centrum Solidarności)
ul. Doki 1, 80-958 Gdańsk, tel. +48 58 767 7971

The impressive European Solidarity Centre is dedicated to the history of Solidarity and opposition movements that led to democratic changes throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The exhibitions are a mixture of interactive experiences and real artefacts.

Sopot Pier
Plac Zdrojowy 2, Sopot, tel. +48 58 551 00 02

The longest pier on the Baltic Sea makes for a great stroll, but we suggest you visit in the morning before 8:00 when the admission is free, you can catch the sun rise but most importantly there is no tourist

Free guided tours in Gdansk
ul. Długi Targ 39/40, tel. +48 58 3012016

In the summer from June to August, organised by the City Culture Institute, they show various faces of the city from the Old Town, to literary walks, visits to the Gdańsk Shipyard and many more.

Park Oliwski
ul. Opata Jacka Rybińskiego, 80-001 Gdańsk, tel. +48 58 341 20 41

This is by far city’s most impressive of parks with beautiful gardens and spread over 11 hectares of land there is enough space for everyone to feel undisturbed. The history of the park dates back to the eighteenth century, when it was founded by the Cistercian Order, and the religious motifs are still to be found today. So is the Pałac Opatów surrounded by the elegance of French Rococo gardens with more symmetrical design seen throughout. More highlights include the Botanical Gardens, the iconic Palm House, numerous ponds and the famous Whispering Caves with some unbelievable acoustics. In summer come for the annual Mozartiana Festival to hear the outstanding music in great outdoors surroundings.

ul. Sucharskiego, Gdańsk, tel. +48 58 76 79 164

The pennisula in Gdansk harbour channel is now a memorial to defenders who died in Battle of Westerplatte during German invasion on 1 September 1939 which commenced WWII. Accessible by public transport from Gdansk city centre (busses number 106, 138 and sesonal 606).

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park
Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98, 81-451 Gdynia, tel. +48 58 698 21 70

Go for great kids entertainment at the Experyment Science Centre. A modern scientific and educational playground for amateur explorers and the “learning through fun” philosophy followers of all ages. Each exhibition constitutes a unique opportunity to experience and understand common phenomena through simple, safe and amusing

Amber Museum
ul. Targ Węglowy 26, Gdańsk, tel. +48 58 301 47 33

Dedicated to the history of amber with an impressive collection of amber jewellery and other amber creations such as plants caught in amber or amber utensils. Housed in a medieval Foregate (and former prison) there are also displays of torture chambers for anyone curious...

Dar Pomorza
Al. Jana Pawła II, 81-345 Gdynia, tel. +48 58 620 23 71

This impressive three-masted sailing ship became famous as the first ship in the history of the Polish flag of trade, which circumnavigated the world. The ship has served as a sail training ship in Germany, France, and Poland and won the Cutty Sark Trophy in 1980. It is now preserved in Gdynia as a museum ship.


Sztuka Wyboru
ul. Słowackiego 19, 80-257 Gdańsk, tel. +48 509 898 386

This wonderful space combines a cafe, a bookstore, art gallery and a shop with design and independent fashion. Come for hand picked eclectic range of contemporary furniture, design gifts, lighting and home accessories as well as clothes, graphic art and paintings. Everything designed or made by independent designers and artists: Polish and foreign.

ul. Mariacka, Gdańsk

For the most impressive choice of all things amber head to Mariacka street. Our favourite shop here Moja Forma not only sells premium quality amber but with a bit of luck you will also see how the local amber is turned into little stunners.

St Dominic's Fair
Across Gdansk's Old Town

The fair is held annually for three weeks starting from the last Saturday of July and is one of the biggest trade and cultural open-air events in Europe. Tredesman from across the country head to Gdańsk to sell anything from farmer's market type produce to antiques, brick-a-brack and souvenirs. The city is buzzing and a variety of events takes place across the centre of town.

Antikon Gallery
Powstańców Warszawy 6 (Dom Zdrojowy), 81-718 Sopot

Perfect little spot for stylish antique and bric-a-brack hunting.